Private rented housing

Where to find out about private rented accommodation

  • Read the ads in the local newspapers such as the Evening News or The Scotsman. Most newspapers have a property guide that is published once a week.
  • Have a look for the ESPC newspaper. This is available in banks, estate agents and some shops. It is free and is published weekly on Thursdays.
  • Many shops and supermarkets have a space for small ads so it might be worth having a look
  •  Edinburgh Solicitors Property Centre on 0131 624 8000.

Search the internet to find rooms or properties that you could rent or share with other people.  Some examples include:

The Scottish Government recently made clear that it is illegal for landlords and letting agents to charge for anything over and above rent and a deposit. Examples of unlawful fees include charges made to carry out reference checks or credit checks.

For more information see: