Private rented housing

Pre-tenancy determination

It is important that anyone who is on housing benefit to contact our benefit advisers, Citizens Advice or other advice agency before they accept the tenancy. We advise you to get a pre-tenancy determination (PTD)form from the Council's Benefit office before signing a tenancy agreement to make sure the rent is affordable.

A pre-tenancy determination is a rental valuation by the Independent Rent Officer Service.  This gives you the rent figure which will be used by the Housing Benefit office to work out your local housing allowance/ housing benefit.  Please note that the amount of rent that the benefit will be assessed on is determined by the local housing allowance for that size of property.

The Pre-Tenancy Determination is a guide, it does not mean that you will get Local Housing Allowance /Housing Benefit or tell you the amount you will get.

You will normally be asked to pay a deposit as well as your first month's rent in advance which normally tends to be the same amount as one month's rent. Providing that you have no rent arrears at the end of your tenancy and the accommodation is in the same condition as you found it, you should have your deposit returned to you in full.