Recycling points

Mayfield and Newtongrange recycling points

How to use the Recycling Points

  • Please be courteous to nearby residents and use the sites between 8.00am and 8.00pm
  • Ensure you place your materials in the correct bank.
  • Do not leave anything at the side of the bins. This is fly-tipping, and is illegal.
  • The glass banks are for glass bottles and jars only. Pyrex, window panes, drinking glasses, crockery and spectacles cannot be recycled in the glass banks.
  • If your cardboard is too big to fit through the opening in the recycling bank, please take it to your nearest household waste recycling centre.
  • Textile recycling banks accept materials of any quality. Clothes and textiles in good condition will be re-used while the poorer quality materials will be recycled into industrial rags or underlay.
  • Try to combine trips to the Recycling Points with other journeys - for example, supermarket shopping.
  •  CD's/DVD's can be placed in the same bank as books for recycling.

Recycling Points - Mayfield and Newtongrange
Where Paper Glass Cans Textiles Mixed plastic Cartons Books

Co-Op car park, Newtongrange

Yes Yes No Yes No No No
Labour club, Stone Place, Mayfield Yes Yes Yes No No No No
Easthouses Miners Club, Easthouses Road Yes Yes No Yes No No No