Temporary accommodation

When you are offered temporary accommodation

When you are given temporary accommodation your Temporary Accommodation Officer will meet you at the property to sign the occupancy agreement to tell you the rules and check you understand everything.

You will be given a copy of your Occupancy Agreement and B&B agreement when you move into your accommodation.

You will have to sign an inventory when you move in, which will be checked when you leave. You will have to pay for breakages or damage to the property.

Refusing temporary accommodation

Should you refuse an offer of suitable permanent accommodation this can result in the Council finding you intentionally homeless, which will affect the homeless duty the Council has towards you.

If the Council believes that the temporary accommodation offered is suitable but you disagree, you have a legal right to ask for a review of this decision

The Councils duty to provide temporary accommodation can end for the following reasons:

  • you do not accept the offer of suitable temporary accommodation
  • you refuse your final offer of suitable permanent accommodation
  • you either give up or are evicted from your accommodation
  • you cease to be eligible for assistance