Temporary accommodation

Leaving temporary accommodation

What if I want to leave?

If you want to leave temporary accommodation before we have found you permanent accommodation, the council may still have a duty to find you permanent accommodation if it has a duty to do so.

What if I'm asked to leave?

If we want you to leave your temporary accommodation, you should be given at least four weeks' notice in writing.

You may be evicted from temporary accommodation for any of the following reasons:

  • You have failed to pay your rent or service charges because you've broken a condition of your to occupancy agreement
  • because the council no longer has a duty to help you (for example, because it has helped you find a new home)
  • because the council has found you a permanent home.

What if I have problems and need to leave?

If you have problems in your temporary accommodation (for example, if you are being harassed) you should inform your Temporary Accommodation Officer immediately to discuss your situation. Your homeless assessment may not change if you leave your temporary accommodation but you need to discuss this fully and take advice before you leave.

What about my furniture and goods?

You may need to make arrangements to store your furniture and personal belongings if you are housed in emergency bed and breakfast. Perhaps friends or relatives will be able to help you.

If you cannot make your own arrangements and are entitled to full Housing Benefit wel may be able to help you by arranging a storage company to put your belongings into storage. They will contact you direct to arrange collection. You will have to pay a contribution towards the cost of the weekly storage charge. An agreement will be signed with you to advise you of how much this charge will be.  

Moving on

The Allocations Section will keep you informed on your application for permanent housing. You can contact them to get information about your housing application. You will need to provide your reference number if you telephone this section.

Housing Allocations

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