Midlothian Taxicard - taxi discount scheme

Closure to new entrants from 1 April 2015

This scheme closed to new entrants from Wednesday 1 April 2015.

All applications received by the Travel Team by Tuesday 31 March 2015 have been processed. Any received thereafter have been rejected.

For those already in the scheme before 1 April 2015, the benefits will remain unchanged.

Existing cardholders will be able to renew their Taxicards when they expire. Most cardholders renew straight away to maintain continuity, but applications to renew will be accepted up to one year after the expiry date of the previous Taxicard. Beyond that, the cardholder will be deemed to have withdrawn from the scheme and will not be able to re-enter.

Who benefits from a Midlothian Taxicard?

Those with a severe, permanent disability and who can't use ordinary buses. Also, those who can only use buses with assistance. The Taxicard helps people to get around by making single taxi journeys up to £3 cheaper. Taxicard holders must be permanently resident in Midlothian and will no longer be eligible if they move outwith the county. 

Cardholders need to pre-book a taxi or ask at a rank if the taxi accepts Taxicard bookings - you cannot hail a taxi in the street, it may not participate in the scheme. 

Travelling in a taxi with a Taxicard

Taxicards were issued for 3 years up until 2015 when Taxicards started to be issued for 4 years. 

There is a maximum £3 discount per single taxi journey - you pay the first £2, then the Council pays up to the next £3, and you pay anything over the £5.

Each year you will be allowed to make 104 single journeys using your Midlothian Taxicard (equivalent to 1 return journey a week).

Taxicard fare example
Examples  Fare on the meter Price you pay
 Example 1  £4.50  £2.00 (flat fare)
 Example 2  £6.00  £3.00 - £2.00 flat fare plus £1.00 (the amount over £5.00)

When and where can the Taxicard be used? 

You can use your Taxicard whenever you like and for whatever purpose, for example: a trip to the shops, visiting friends or going to classes.  

It's valid day and night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  We recommend that you keep a note of the number of trips you have made. 

Remember, you are only allowed 104 single trips per year. That allows you an average of one roundtrip per week. 

If you use up your full allocation before the year is up, you should stop using the Taxicard until the anniversary of your card issue date comes round and you can start using the next year's allocation.

Which companies accept my Midlothian Taxicard?

Not all taxi companies are part of the Midlothian Taxicard scheme. It is a voluntary arrangement whereby taxi operators apply to be part of the scheme. The Council does not compel taxi operators to join.  

Whenever a Taxicard is issued (replacement of a lost card, or a renewed Taxicard) we'll send you full information about which companies are part of the scheme so that you can keep the most up-to-date list with you. The list is also available online.

What happens if I lose my Midlothian Taxicard?

You will need to complete a Taxicard Renewal/Replacement Form available at all carousel points in Midlothian. Or you can print off a form using the link below. Send in a fresh passport-style photograph along with the completed form. Any damaged Taxicards should be enclosed with the form. Remember to put your name on the back of the photograph. Send the form and enclosures to the Travel Team at Dalkeith.  

A fresh Taxicard will be issued with the same expiry date as your original Taxicard. The replacement card will have the word "REPLACEMENT" written on it. Should the previously lost or mislaid Taxicard subsequently turn up, please do not use it. Continue to use the "Replacement " card, and return the newly rediscovered original Taxicard back to the Travel Team in Dalkeith.

  • Taxicard Renewal/Replacement form

How do I renew my Midlothian Taxicard when it expires?

You will receive a letter and form inviting you to renew your Taxicard from the Travel Team in Dalkeith.

This is sent out about 4 weeks before your current Taxicard expires. The form contains the details we have on our system for you. Please check those details and make any corrections necessary. We ask for a further passport-style colour photograph to be sent with the completed renewal form to the Travel Team in Dalkeith.

Taxicard holders often comment that they have not received their renewal letters. In the majority of cases, this is because they have moved house and forgotten to let us know that they have changed address. The renewal letter will be sent to the most recent address we have for you on our system.

If you have not received the renewal letter and form from the Travel Team, a blank Taxicard Renewal form can be used instead. These are available at all Midlothian libraries and main offices, Health Centres at Penicuik and Pathhead, and the Rosewell Development Trust office (next to Rosewell Primary School on Carnethie Street). Or you can print your own form using the link below.

  •  Taxicard Renewal/Replacement form

How do I update my address and other details?

If you have changed address, or are about to change address, or any other details change, then please don't leave it until your renewal is due, but let us know as soon as possible.

There is a special "Change of Circumstance" form available for the purpose in all Midlothian Travel Team information carousels located at:

  • all Midlothian libraries
  • main Council offices
  • Midlothian Community Hospital
  • Health Centres at Pathhead and Penicuik
  • Rosewell Development Trust [next to Rosewell Primary School on Carnethie Street]

Is there a charge to obtain my Midlothian Taxicard?

There is no charge for the issue of a replacement Midlothian Taxicard (if you lose one before it expires) or a renewed Taxicard.


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