Assessing your needs

What does an assessment involve?

A social worker, occupational therapist, or a community care assistant will contact you and arrange to meet with you at home or at a place of your choice. If you wish, another person of your choice can be there with you. This may be your carer, who is also entitled to an assessment.

The level of assessment to be carried out and the time required to complete it is also dependent on the complexity of the assessment and the service being requested.

Certain types of service, such as admission to care, should have a comprehensive assessment. This may include completion of certain parts by specialist practitioners. Other services, such as the meals service and community alarms, need only a basic assessment and no specialist contribution to the assessment.

The assessment may take more than one visit. When completed it will be written down so both parties can have a copy. You will be asked to sign the copy to say you agree with what has been written about you. You may disagree, in which case your views will also be recorded.

You may be asked to sign a consent form to share your assessment with other agencies, such as your GP or Health. This is because they could be involved in helping to meet your needs. Assessments will only be shared with other agencies if they need to have a direct involvement in your case.

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