Biodiversity duty

Midlothian Local Biodiversity Action Plan

The Midlothian Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP) is a document that lays out actions to help improve, enhance, protect and maintain habitats in Midlothian for biodiversity.

A copy of the document can also be viewed at all Midlothian Council public libraries.

Copies can also be purchased in hardcopy at a cost of £19.50 or on CD-ROM at a cost of £1.00. Costs include postage and packaging.

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Habitats over species

The plan focuses specifically on conserving habitats from the outset with the LBAP containing 14 Habitat Action Plans. Habitats such as gorge woodlands, bogs, golf courses, rivers and burns, uplands and farmlands are just a few of these.

All the habitats that are covered in the plan are either characteristic of Midlothian or are recognised as important priority habitats within the UK and they each have a dedicated group of members (who all sit on the Partnership) which wrote the plans for them. These are the Habitat Working Groups.

The theory here is that if you look after the habitats you will invariably look after the species. To do this we need to look at the key features of a habitat that supports the majority of species associated with that habitat and make sure they are in place. For example, a key feature of woodland habitats is dead wood, as a lot of invertebrates and wildlife depend on this for shelter or foraging. Therefore, one of the actions in the plan will be to encourage practitioners to retain dead wood.

From time to time there may be one or two species that fall outside this method due to the fact they are unique in their habitat requirements. These have their own separate Species Action Plans.

Raising Awareness

Awareness of biodiversity is required at all levels from school children to education advisors, community groups to councillors and businesses to consumers. The more people that know about biodiversity and LBAP the greater the potential for improvement within Midlothian's environment.


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