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Meeting residents needs

The new facility will have a number of benefits over what is currently available.  For example, it could help older couples stay together for longer.  Such apartments are flexible enough to accommodate two people who have differing needs, whereas the traditional care home model might have resulted in one person going into a care home and the other staying in the family home.   In the new model they will both be able to move into their own apartment but enjoy the security of 24/7 care and support appropriate to their needs in a safe environment.

People's needs can, and do, change and the on-site support allows the level of care people are provided with to increase and decrease as required. Extra care housing provides opportunities for individuals to maintain their independence for longer in ways that are more difficult to achieve in a traditional care home environment.  Individual apartments allow people to maintain their life skills and daily routine in a safe and secure environment.  This can be highly beneficial in maintaining their quality of life.  For those unable to manage these tasks, a dining area and other intensive care support will be available. 

Meeting community needs

The community will also benefit from the flexibility of the hub.  For example family carers can still be involved directly with their relative's care if they so wish.   This could be a son joining his mum for lunch in her apartment or maybe helping her with an on-site art class.  A variety of services, such as a hairdresser and a cafe, will be available.

Care staff based in the hub will be able to provide intensive support to other older people and their carers in the Penicuik area. The hub will give older people a place to visit, where they can meet and interact with other people and engage in activities. 

The extra care apartments will make use of the latest developments in telecare technology.  This is being used more and more to support people in their own homes.  For example, this may include specialised monitors to ensure the person is safe at any time of the day or night.  This is especially important for those who are frail or who may be experiencing confusion or dementia.

Building on experience and commitment

This type of extra care housing has been built successfully elsewhere in the UK.  It provides a real alternative to the traditional care home environment.  The apartments are flexible and safe while the community hub will allow us to provide greater support to older people with intensive needs living in their own homes in the Penicuik area.

The Council will continue to work closely with the NHS and local groups as the project progresses. 

The service provided at the new building will work alongside the existing day care centres and other services to extend rather than replace the existing support in Penicuik.  

The series of briefings is now being arranged to share information with groups and organisations in Penicuik. 

The development is part of Midlothian Council's ongoing commitment to transforming services for older people. 

  • Midlothian Council policy aims to enable people to remain at home for as long as possible with appropriate supports. 
  • Substantial investment has been made in care at home services and telecare. 
  • Many people who traditionally would have been admitted to a residential care home are now being provided with intensive care packages in their own home. 
  • This is consistent with Scottish Government policy, "Shifting the Balance of Care", and with feedback received from users and carers.

Why the new extra care housing facility?

  • The Council needs to work towards the closure of Pentland House Residential Care Home, as it will no longer meet National Standards as advised by the Care Inspectorate (SCSWIS). 
  • Upgrading Pentland House is not an affordable or realistic option.
  • The proposal outlined is to develop an extra care housing facility to include the delivery of flexible staffing resources and telecare. 
  • This facility will provide an intensive 24/7 care service to older people, in their own tenancy.
  • It will have the capacity to meet the needs of a range of older people with varying health and care needs, including severe dementia and intensive end-of-life care. 

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