Council performance information

Statutory Performance Indicators

In September each year, the Council publishes its Statutory Performance Indicators (SPIs). There are over 300 SPI measures, covering a wide range of council services from school class sizes to the number of noise complaints dealt with by the Council. The SPIs are set by the Accounts Commission for Scotland and have to be published by every council. The aim of the indicators is to give basic information to every citizen on how their council is performing.

Audit Scotland

Audit Scotland publishes comparison data with all Scottish Local Authorities each year in December.  These have been assessed by the Councils' external auditors, and agreed for publication.  The Performance Information values for previous years have also been included for comparison purposes. 

Where there is an "A" in the Rating column, this means that the data has been assessed as being reliable; where there is an "X" in the same column, the data has been assessed as being unreliable.  In the PI value columns, "NS" means that data was not supplied because there was not a service provided by the Council.