Council performance information

Quarterly Performance Reporting

Council performance is monitored quarterly.  

In November 2013 Midlothian Council approved a new Leadership Structure, leading to a move from 10 Service Areas to 8 within 3 Directorates. Amendments to service portfolios were undertaken as a result of the structural review.

The most recent performance reports can be found below:

Each performance report is introduced by a front page highlighting the successes and challenges during the period of review. This is followed by a PI summary, Action and Performance Indicator report. A performance report is produced for the council and each of the 8 council Services quarterly.

Q1 2014/15 Performance Reports

 2013/14 Performance Reports

Q3 2013/14 Performance Reports

Q2 2013/14 Performance Reports

Q1 2013/14 Performance Reports

2012/13 Annual Performance Reports

Q3 2012/13 Performance Reports

 Reports for previous quarters can be found below:

Q2 2012/13 Performance Reports

Q1 2012/13 Performance Reports

2011/12 Annual Performance Reports 

Quarter 3 2011/12

Quarter 2 2011/12

Quarter 1 2011/12