Council performance information

Culture and Leisure

Culture and leisure services contribute to the quality of life in local communities and support better health across the people of Midlothian.

The major elements of cultural services covered within SPI3 are sports facilities, libraries, and parks & open spaces.


  • Cost per attendance at Sports facilities has increased very slightly to £7.01 from £7.00 the previous year and is above the Scottish average of £3.94  
  • Cost per library visit remained unchanged at £2.81; this moves our position into the second top performing quartile council from the top quartile.
  • Cost of parks and open spaces per 1000 population has decreased this year to £31,074: our position has improved to the second top performing quartile.  
  • Satisfaction levels in libraries increased to 81% this year, the same as the Scottish average.  
  • Satisfaction levels in parks and open spaces increased this year to 91% improving to the top performing quartile and above the Scottish average of 86%.  
  • Satisfaction levels with leisure facilities remained unchanged at 77% slightly below the Scottish average of 78%.