Council performance information

Adult Social Care Services

Adult Social Care work with adults and older people with additional support needs. 

In Midlothian we work to ensure that people are supported to live safely and securely within the community. 

The implementation of self directed support means that individuals are involved with designing and controlling their care arrangements.

The biggest influence on community care at present is the Integration of Health and Social Care.

The Scottish Government has made a new law which will join Health and Social Care services in Scotland.

This will mean a change in the way that Local Authorities and the NHS work together.

A new governing body, the Midlothian Integration Board is expected to take up its new responsibilities in June 2015


  • Homecare costs for people ages 65+ or over per hour: £23.81.
  • Self Directed Support spend of people aged over 18 as a percentage of total social work spend on adults is 2.75%,
  • Percentage of people aged 65 or over with intensive needs receiving care at home 38.8%
  • Satisfaction levels with adult social care services have declined from 57% to 42% in 2013/14.
  • Net residential costs per capital per week for older adults £392.51.

Our key focus continues to reflect the work ongoing to ensure resources are used efficiently and targeted at those most in need.