Service plans

Commercial Operations performance

Commercial Operations consists of the following teams:  

  • Land and Countryside Services undertake a complex and wide range of duties relating to the management of Midlothian’s Parks, Countryside, Cemeteries and Open Spaces. 
  • Waste Management Services provides professional services including housing and commercial waste collection and recycling.
  • Travel and Fleet Services provide professional guidance and support in relation to transport legislation and driver licensing, revenue support for community transport services, and ensures that transport meets the requirements of the end user. 
  • Road Services professional and technical team comprises civil, road safety, structure and lighting professional.  The operational labour force comprises a multi skilled workforce able to undertake a comprehensive range of design maintenance, construction and servicing activities. 
  • Transportation Projects staff provide input into major transportation projects in Midlothian and the surrounding area often in conjunction with other partners such as Transport Scotland and neighbouring Councils. 

Further detail on the range of responsibilities carried out by these teams is provided in the Service Plan: