Service plans

Education performance

Our vision is to be the most improved education authority in Scotland which works with and embraces its schools and all relevant partners and stakeholders to provide the highest quality education possible for all of the young people of Midlothian.  Our vision will be focused on tangible outcomes for children and young people and their parents and carers.

Education Service consists of the following services and teams:  

Pre-school education service: A flexible service is provided for parents and children through provision in: 2 nursery schools, Nursery classes in 23 primary schools, 15 private provider nurseries with whom we commission pre-school education places 

Primary school education service: Delivers statutory duty to provide primary education through provision in 30 primary schools 

Secondary school education service: Delivers statutory duty to provide primary education through provision in 6 secondary schools  

Additional Support Needs (ASN): Delivers statutory duty to ensure that ASN are met through: Inclusive practices and support in all mainstream schools and Specialist provisions in 4 mainstream primary schools, 2 secondary schools and one special school  

3 - 18 Improvement team supports and challenge of schools to improve the quality and consistency of service, supports newly qualified teachers, has strategic leadership in the development of the curriculum & learning & teaching, strategic planning and delivery of staff development and support and delivery of national and local policy relating  to education 

Education ICT Team: Supports the use of all learning technology and ancillary systems to support learning and teaching in Midlothian schools and educational establishments.

Arts and Creativity Team: Develops and supports the integration of the arts and creativity in both formal and informal sectors within Midlothian linking to key priorities and target areas. 

Community Learning and Development (CLD): CLD supports community development throughout Midlothian.  The aim of Community Learning and Development is to put development, education and learning into the community. 

Educational Psychology Service (EPS): Educational Psychologists work within local authorities and in partnership with families and other services.  Through use of applied psychology and knowledge of child development, the EPS seeks to improve the life chances of children and young people. Crucial to this is working with partners to ensure that we are ‘getting it right for all children and young people’ to ensure that they are safe, healthy, active, nurtured, achieving, respected, responsible and included. 

Further detail on the range of responsibilities carried out by these teams is provided in the Service Plan: