Right to buy

If your tenancy began after 1 March 2011

Changes to the RTB in the Housing (Scotland) Act 2010

The Act received Royal Assent in December 2010. It contains significant reforms to the Right to Buy, which became effective from 1 March 2011, including:

  • Ending the Right to Buy for new supply social housing
  • Ending the Right to Buy for new tenants; and for tenants returning to the social sector after a break

This does not mean the end of the Right to Buy. Tenants with existing Right to Buy entitlements are not, for the most part, affected by these changes.

New build and new supply housing

The Right to Buy entitlement is removed from new build and new supply housing. The definition of new supply housing is:

  • Property that has been built since 25 June 2008
  • Property that the Council has bought or acquired since 25 June 2008 (ie Mortgage to Rent)

However, for tenants who moved to a new supply house after the 25 June 2008 but before the 1 March 2011 will still have the modernised Right to Buy.

New tenants after the 1 March 2011

The right to buy has been removed from tenants who take up a tenancy for the first time and, with some exceptions, from tenants who return to the social rented sector after a break, from 1 March 2011.