Youth information


Everyone will have, at some point in their life, a breakdown in communication with someone they know and/or love. A lot of the time these problems can be sorted alone by the people involved. Other times this can be difficult.

Mediation is when you and the person you are having problems with volunteer to get together with a an outsider that will help you all speak about your problems, without ever taking one side or the other.


Mediation works because you are taken somewhere away from where your problems are and the mediator helps guide your conversation so that you always feel safe and calm.
This might be a good thing for you to do if:
  • You feel that you have to leave home because of family problems.
  • You are finding it difficult living with your new step-family.
  • You feel you can't talk to your parents anymore because they just don't understand you anymore.
  • You aren't getting along with your neighbours.