Online forms: Pupil registration

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  • select 'Begin this form' (below). You don't need to sign in, as long as you complete each page in less than 10 minutes. 
  • or register and sign in with myaccount. If you are signed in, the form will save and you can finish it later. Your contact details will be already filled in.

Have these documents ready

We will ask you to upload photos or scans to the form. We may ask later to see the originals.

  • Birth certificate or passport. Not needed if your child has received funded early learning and childcare at:
    • a Midlothian Council setting
    • or a funded provider, including a childminder. 
  • Proof of address. Examples:
    • Council Tax statement
    • or Child Benefit letter
    • or a utility bill (gas, electric or landline telephone).

If you request a place at a Roman Catholic school, and you specify your denomination as Catholic, we will ask for evidence of the baptism of your child in the Roman Catholic church.

Your privacy

We take your privacy seriously. Find out how we handle your personal data in our schools and nurseries privacy notice (PDF).