Online forms: Season ticket for the Snowsports Centre


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We will ask for a phone number. When you have completed the form, we will call you to arrange payment as soon as we can.

3 month season

  • Adult: £249.00
  • Junior (6-17yrs) £161.00

Photograph for your ticket

Before you apply for your ticket, please make sure:

  • it is a JPG file.
  • the shot is head and shoulders only, full face to the camera. We cannot use full length pictures, or where you are in a group shot for example.
  • in portrait format i.e. taller than it is wide.
  • you are not wearing a hat or sunglasses.

Conditions of use

You may use these facilities during normal practice sessions for 3 calendar months from the date of issue:

  • Main slope, tow slope, jump slope (whichever is available)
  • Chairlift and/or tows (whichever is operating)
  • Nursery slope
  • Skis, poles and boots. (Only the Centre’s poles may be used on the slopes.)
  • Tubing is excluded.

There may be restrictions on occasions such as:

  • Race days when the runs will be in use by competitors
  • During holiday ski/board schools when participants have priority with equipment
  • Closure period (annual maintenance or adverse weather).

General regulations

To buy a season ticket, you must be able to ski competently and use the chairlift and tows. If you can't, please speak to us and we can arrange lessons for you instead.

Look after your ticket!

  • You must display your ticket when on the slopes. If you forget to bring it, you will not be allowed on the slope.
  • We will not automatically replace a lost ticket. Replacement is at the manager's discretion.
  • Altered or expired tickets will be confiscated.