Meals at home

Do you have trouble cooking, or shopping for food? Meals at home can help.

We deliver frozen meals fortnightly. You will have to be at home to receive them and freeze them immediately. The delivery driver can help you load your freezer.

We can supply a specially adapted microwave and freezer if you need them. There is a 20p weekly hire charge for this. We will show you how to use them.

If you are going to be out at your usual delivery time, please let us know in time to arrange another delivery.

Download menus

Apetito deliver this service through their franchise Wiltshire Farm Foods.

Price per two course meal

Minimum order: 10 meals per fortnight.

  • £2.88
  • £3.08 if microwave and freezer are supplied

How to pay

You can pay:

  • by card over the phone
  • by cash or cheque to the driver
  • via a friend or relative. Please call xxxxxxx to arrange this method.

Apply by completing a self-referral form