Ring & Go between Dalkeith and Pathhead

Expanded timetable

The number of journeys between Dalkeith and Pathhead via Whitehill, Edgehead etc expanded from Friday 24 April 2020. The new timetable is shown below. Most existing journeys continue unchanged [except the 2135 from Dalkeith will now run 20 minutes earlier at 2115]. New journeys are highlighted.

Conditions apply

The conditions of the Ring & Go scheme apply to both original and new journeys. This service is run by Swift Taxis and intending passengers should contact Swift direct on 0131 660 1031 or 0131 660 5000.

Temporary access to the scheme

Access to the Ring & Go scheme is usually by way of a membership card. Application forms are usually available at all Midlothian libraries and processed by the Travel Passes and Permits Team at Midlothian House. However, with all libraries temporarily closed and staff at Midlothian House working from home, there is no current process for issuing new, replacement or renewed Ring & Go membership cards. Arrangements have been made with the Ring & Go operators for temporary access to the scheme without the need for a membership card to be shown. It is expected that when the process for providing cards is up and running again, people using the service without a card will apply for one.

New timetable

Southbound from Dalkeith
1030 NEW
1340 NEW
1755 NEW
1930 NEW
2115                                                                                                                                                                ]
Northbound from Pathhead
0750 NEW
1115 NEW
1415 NEW
1835 NEW