Ring & Go expanded service

Expanded Ring & Go retained while part of A68 closed

Why the service expanded

During lockdown, Borders cut all bus services crossing the boundary and the 51/52 did not reach any further north than Oxton/Lauder. Midlothian expanded the pre-existing Ring & Go with extra services – see times below. The expanded service was to be reviewed, but the road collapse on the A68 and consequent road closure happened before this was done. The expanded Ring & Go timetable that started during lockdown has been retained and will continue so long as the A68 remains closed.

Bus operation.

There are no suitable back roads to send the main 51/52 route through.

We looked at a possible bus shuttle between Pathhead and Dalkeith. However, the only turning point for buses approaching from the north is by Pathhead Primary School- but this would omit all bus stops in the middle or top of the village, leaving a majority of Pathhead with no bus service. We also looked at the larger parking laybys to the south of village, but these are unsuitable as turning points.

Ring & Go

This is operated by taxi vehicles and so has access to the top of the village, and along some minor roads to reach communities including Fala, Fala Dam, Dewarton. The original R&G was targeted at early morning and evening where there are gaps in the normal 51/52 service. The expanded timetable, including some daytime journeys for the first time, is a temporary solution [a] for lockdown and [b] to maintain links for Pathhead during the A68 closure. It is anticipated that we will withdraw the extra journeys when the 51/52 is finally reinstated.

Swift Taxis

The conditions of the Ring & Go scheme apply to both original and new journeys. This service is run by Swift Taxis and intending passengers should contact Swift direct on 0131 660 1031 or 0131 660 5000. Access to the Ring & Go scheme is usually by way of a membership card. However, if you are not a member you can still use the service while part of the A68 is shut. The single fare all classes on R&G is equivalent to the Borders Buses adult single bus fare between Pathhead and Dalkeith.

The timetable

Southbound from Dalkeith

0710, 0835, 1030, 1340, 1755, 1930, 2115 and 2235                                                                                                                                                     

Northbound from Pathhead

0625, 0750, 0925, 1115, 1415, 1835, 2015, 2215 and 2315