Bus pass

Renew or replace your card or request a photo update

If you are under 22 years, apply for or renew a Young Scot card.

Lost or stolen NEC/Young Scot bus pass

Report this by email to ptu@midlothian.gov.uk. Give your full name, address and date of birth.

Renew a card

Replace a card or request a photo update

For renewals or lost/damaged cards:

Change of address?

Please email PTU@midlothian.gov.uk or call 0131 561 5455.

Problems with your card

Please contact us if the electronic ticket machine did not recognise your card. It may have expired or be damaged.

For faulty passes, the driver should offer you a '7 day ticket' in exchange for your card, which the driver will keep. The 7 day pass will give you time to order a replacement card. For a replacement, email PTU@midlothian.gov.uk.