Plan for Penicuik

Penicuik townscape

The Plan for Penicuik addresses issues, both positive and negative, facing residents, now and in the near future.

This plan follows the 2012- 2017 Penicuik Neighbourhood Plan, which was part of a formal process of consultation across Midlothian.


We commissioned feedback from a number of stakeholders, residents and local organisations. Input has come from ages 15 and over, through formal consultations, group discussions and individual feedback. Issues included roads, traffic, food, town centre development and others.

This document, while compiled in 2018, should be considered a live and active document, to be updated at any time in consultation with community groups, the Community Council, and through our Communities Officer, who will process the plan and its actions.

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Outline of the Plan for Penicuik

This plan:

  • focuses on the experiences of living, studying and working in Penicuik, and how to make the most of the assets of the area, e.g. the town’s setting in a highly attractive landscape and its notable industrial and historical significance.
  • identifies practical, achievable steps which can be taken to address concerns that have been raised.
  • acknowledges that some issues are very complex, and no immediate actions are possible. The plan highlights them so that in time they can be revisited and addressed. It is important that unresolved issues are not forgotten. The plan provides a mechanism for keeping them on the agenda and at the front of our minds.
  • seeks to capitalise on the strengths of the community, the exceptional skills, knowledge and expertise of those living and working in it, and the significant developments by local voluntary and other organisations.
  • ensures that the individuals, groups and agencies (supported by the Communities Team) take responsibility for implementing practical measures to address the issues raised.