Savings proposals for 2023/24 to 2025/26

Sport, health and social care and other savings

Sport & Leisure

Stop All Overtime – saving of £472,000 in total from 2023/24  

Staff would work contracted hours only.

Community Asset Transfer or closure of Leisure Centre – Newtongrange (total saving of £136,000 from 2023/24) or Gorebridge (total saving of £222,000 from 2023/24)

Either close one of the two non-hub leisure centres in Midlothian – Newtongrange or Gorebridge – or undertake a Community Asset Transfer. 

Welfare Rights 

Reduction of Welfare Rights Services – saving of £27,000 in total from 2023/24

Reduce the number of Welfare Rights Officers by 0.6 Whole Time Equivalent. 

Health and Social Care Integrated Joint Board - Delegated Budget

IJB Delegated Budget 

The council contributes a total of £56,438,000 to the IJB.  Members may wish to consider a reduction of their offer to the IJB for delegated services. This should be considered in the context of Scottish Government correspondence on maintaining a minimum cash flat IJB budget plus additional annual funding flowing through the Local Government Finance Settlement as described in sections 3.20 and 4.3 to 4.6 of the Medium Term Financial Strategy – 2023/24 to 2027/28 report.

Additional Savings

Continuous Improvement – non-recruitment to vacant post – saving of £28,000 in total from 2023/24

Internal Audit – reduce by 1 Full Time Equivalent post – saving of £55,000 in total from 2023/24