Bins and recycling

Garden waste collections restarted on Wednesday 27 May

For more details read our garden waste collection page.

Recycling Centres

  • Stobhill Recycling Centre will re-open on Monday 1 June.
  • Penicuik Recycling Centre will remain closed for safety reasons.

For more details read our household waste recycling centres page.

  • Don’t leave waste at the entrance to recycling sites.
  • Dumping waste (fly tipping) is a serious offence. Anyone caught can be prosecuted.

Glass collections restarted on Monday 27 April

For more details read our glass recycling page.

We understand your frustration while suspended services continue, but please avoid calling us about this. We urgently need to free up phone lines to support the many vulnerable people in our community. Your understanding is appreciated.

Please look out for your neighbours and check they are able to put their bins out. It may not be possible to come back for missed bins until your next scheduled collection day.

Missed bins

If your bin has been missed, report this online. We cannot take phone calls about this. Report a missed bin.

Priority collections

The waste services currently operating are:

  • Grey bins (general refuse)
  • Blue bins (dry mixed recycling)
  • Food waste collections
  • Red box (glass bottles and jars)

All trade waste collections are also currently operating.

Please put out your container for collection for 7am as there may be changes to your collection time.

We have answered some Frequently Asked Questions. We will update you as soon as we have more information.

Street parking

As more people will be working from home, please consider where you park on your bin collection day.  To allow us to safely access your bins:

  • Always park more than 10m (32ft) from a junction.
  • Park close to the kerb with wing mirrors folded in.

Grey bins

What to do with your waste if you have Coronavirus symptoms

If you have symptoms of Coronavirus, or live with someone who does, you must put any personal waste (such as used tissues), disposable cleaning clothes and masks into a disposable plastic bag. 

  • Put this bag into another bag
  • Tie this bag securely
  • Store bags for at least 72 hours before putting them in your grey bin
  • Ensure the bagged waste is securely contained in your grey bin
  • On your collection day, ensure the bin lid is fully closed.

You can dispose of all other household waste as normal.

Blue bin collections

  • Do not put glass in your blue bin.
  • Do not put used tissues in your blue bin. Put these in your grey bin.

Glass collections (red box) 

  • Collections resumed on Monday 27 April.
  • Continue to rinse bottles and jars and store these at home.
  • Please do not use local Recycling Points to dispose of your glass. We do not have the staff to empty these or clean up fly-tipped material.

Assisted collections 

  • Due to changes in staff, your waste/recycling may be collected by a different crew and at a different time.
  • Ensure your containers are easily accessible and visible. 
  • We may have to change where we collect and return your bins from/to.

Services suspended until further notice

Bulky waste collections 

Please store waste at home until Recycling Centres re-open and we resume all kerbside collections.

Brown bin collections 

  • Collections will resume on Wednesday 27 May.
  • New and replacement stickers have been ordered for those who require them.
  • You can still sign up for this service.
  • The collection season now extends from 27 May 2020 to 12 March 2021 More information.

Waste Aware activities

  • If an event has been arranged, you will receive an email from the Waste Aware Officer. 
  • Applications for additional waste capacity are suspended.

Community Litter Picks 

Keep Scotland Beautiful have suspended Keep Scotland Clean 2020 events, so we cannot support community litter picks. This includes loans of litter pickers and collection/disposal of collected litter.

Services operating with a limited service

Bin delivery and repairs

  • We are not uplifting any unwanted waste containers.
  • Delivering bins to new build houses is our priority. Delivery of other bins will take priority over bin repairs.
  • Please understand that it may take up to 15 working days to repair or replace your bin. If you need a replacement bin or a repair, please leave the damaged one where staff can easily access it – not behind locked gates or parked cars. If we cannot access your bin, we may not be able to return for some time.
  • You cannot collect waste containers from Stobhill Depot. This site is not open to the public.

Litter/dogs bins and street cleansing

  • There will be much reduced street cleansing activities, including street sweeping and litter bin emptying. 
  • Please take litter/dog waste home with you where possible.

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