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Supporting young carers during COVID19

Your school may have identified you as being a Young Carer for a family member or close friend. If so, you should have had a letter from us to ask how you are and if you need support while you're at home during the pandemic.

If you need any help or support, contact your school. Or email

Shopping and medicines

Are you shopping or collecting medicines for the person you care for? Do you need a letter to show shops and pharmacies that you are a Young Carer? We can send you one.

Young Scot

Young Scot are offering online support for all young people. You will need to be a member.

They also have a Young Carers Package. This can include vouchers, activities and mental health support.

Protective clothing

If you need protective clothing to help you care for someone, or would like support for the adult you care for:

Take care of yourself, and stick to the guidance about handwashing and meeting up with other people.

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