Building Standards - Coronavirus (Covid 19) advice

We are working hard to keep applications progressing and maintaining continuity for all our customers. Most of our staff are working from home.

This guidance may change because of developments in government advice. We appreciate your understanding at this time.

These are the temporary changes to our service:

Building warrant applications – electronic applications

  • We will not arrange face-to-face meetings, but the case surveyor will keep communicating with you by email.
  • Use the eBuilding Standards Portal to submit all new building warrant applications and paperwork (revised submissions etc.).
  • Also make payments via the eBuilding Standards Portal.

Building warrant applications – paper applications

  • We will not arrange face-to-face meetings, but the case surveyor will keep communicating with you by email.
  • We will accept new paper applications, but please note that processing them will take longer. You may wish to switch to an electronic application.
  • Post to us any additional information (revised submissions etc.) about an existing paper application, but please note that processing will take longer. The case surveyor will advise you whether an alternative (e.g. scanning documents and emailing them to us) would be acceptable.
  • Note that payments relating to your paper application using cheques or BACS may have delays.


  • We will only undertake site inspections of immediately dangerous buildings (see below).
  • Email your case surveyor when work on site is ready for inspection at the Key Stages detailed on your CCNP. 
  • Keep evidence relating to all the Key Inspections Stages detailed on your CCNP. Have it available for examination by the case surveyor. We strongly recommend that you keep a full photographic record of all stages of the work detailed on your CCNP.

Completion certificates

  • We will consider completion certificate submissions and the assessment of construction work in line with Scottish Government guidance. This asks verifiers to adopt a pragmatic and flexible approach.
  • We will assess completion certificate submissions using alternative evidence. Email your case surveyor for more information.
  • All supporting documents detailed on your CCNP are required with your completion certificate submission.

Property enquiries (Copy Documents, Letters of Comfort)

  • We have limited access to our archive, so we may not be able to provide our Copy Documents and Letters of Comfort services in the usual way. Contact us on for advice.

Dangerous buildings

  • If you see a building which may be dangerous or defective, report it by calling 0131 270 7500 (during and outwith office hours).

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