Planning Service - COVID-19 pandemic service update

Most of the Planning team are working remotely. They still have access to email. Some members of the team have access to work telephones. There will be zero tolerance of verbal abuse directed towards them.

We receive high volumes of email so please have patience with this service. Please identify emergency correspondence, and we will treat it accordingly.

This document will change as circumstances allow.

Our current level of service:

  • Fairfield House (Dalkeith) reception is closed, which is where the Planning service is based.
  • We only deliver the Duty Planning service electronically. Please do not come to the offices. Email enquiries to
  • Submit applications and credit card payments through the online planning portal only. 
  • We still process applications for the various planning-related consents. There is mostly no delay with online applications that have all the necessary information and payment.
  • Applications without an online payment are automatically invalid. We strongly advise that you pay online as part of your application.
  • Paper based submissions will be delayed. We strongly advise that you comment on a planning application via:
    • the online planning file comments tab (you will need to register for this)
    • or email the case officer or duty planning inbox.
  • Planning staff have remote access to case files, and are still processing planning and work to tree applications. You can email case officers directly (or via
  • We ask you to agree to extend the timeframe for the result of your application. This is precautionary, and does not necessarily mean that there will be a delay. However, some assessments and procedures are more difficult while working remotely. This does impact processing times.
  • We ask for your help to post site notices, where required. We send you a laminated copy of the site notice, and ask you to display it visibly by the application site. To comply with the law, please also take a photo as evidence that the notice has been posted. Contact us for clarification.
  • When applying for tree work, please provide photos of the trees and their surroundings, a location plan, and information on the trees' condition (e.g. survey report/assessment).

Planning Committee and Local Review Body

  • The Midlothian Council Planning Committee and Local Review Body are meeting virtually. View meetings on YouTube.
  • The Local Review Body is now carrying out site visits.


If you have any questions email and we will try our best to answer them.

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