Spaces for People

We are looking at ways to encourage more people to walk, cycle and travel actively.

Our bid to Sustrans

Here are details of our first bid to Sustrans Scotland, the walking and cycling charity. Sustrans manage the Spaces for People programme for the Scottish Government.

These proposals involve changes to roads, streets, foot and cycle paths for the duration of the pandemic crisis. This is an emergency response, and we can only bid for temporary measures. The priorities are social distancing, and routes to work and school.

Proposals approved for funding by Sustrans

The following projects are approved for funding:

The above are completed with the exception of the temporary measures in town centres.

Second bid applications

Any suggestions not taken into account in the first raft are included (several are from community councils). Sustrans have assessed the following as eligible for funding: 

Other proposals not approved for funding

Download the assessment table for more details (PDF)

Our permanent infrastructure plans will progress as crisis restrictions ease. Please look at our Active Travel Strategy showing the priorities for permanent walking and cycling infrastructure in Midlothian.