Spaces for People

Vehicular traffic ban on Crawlees Road, Oatslie Road and Roslin Glen Road

This project is to improve safety for pedestrians, horse riders and cyclists. They would benefit from temporary connections, and more space for sustainable transport, and for leisure.

It is proposed to close all three roads to vehicular traffic by TTRO (with exceptions for access).

  • Crawlees Road, Mayfield (active travel would benefit connecting between Gorebridge, Mayfield, Newtongrange, Dalkeith and NCR1).
  • Oatslie Road, Roslin (active travel would benefit between Roslin and Auchendinny and between NCR196 at Dalmore Mill with the Roslin to Shawfair active travel route).
  • B7003 Roslin Glen Road (active travel would benefit between Bonnyrigg/Rosewell and Roslin/the Bush) and vice versa.

This project supports key- and essential workers and the general public. It focuses on generating and maintaining safe social distancing on roads for walking and cycling as a mode of transport. It also allows additional space for recreational walking and cycling. This project will support commuters and leisure cyclists across Midlothian.

Funding applied for: £9500