Spaces for People

A768/C35 Midlothian - City of Edinburgh boundary improvement

This proposal was not approved for funding.

This project proposes the improvement of the cross-boundary link between Midlothian and the City of Edinburgh by painting a cycle lane. This will provide essential and key workers with a safe direct link between the two local authorities.

We propose cycle lanes from A7 to City Bypass for cyclists using this key cross-boundary link. We would paint 1.5 metre cycle lanes and reduce the speed limit to 40mph on this 3.4 km long section. Road markings and signs (cycle lanes and logos, 40 mph roundels) will be used.

This project supports key and essential workers and focuses on re-allocating road space for walking and cycling, especially with reduced public transport capacity and services. It also allows additional space for recreational walking and cycling. 

We expect this to directly benefit the communities of Bonnyrigg, Eskbank and Dalkeith.

The cost of this project is £2,299.