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Dalkeith to Pathhead covid-19 rural cycle route

Bus services are not operating between Pathhead and Dalkeith, so the Community Council and a local resident are requesting measures to make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists going to Dalkeith to pick up bus services.

It’s unknown when the bus service will be reinstated. Prohibition of traffic and reduced speed limits were deemed neither enforceable nor effective in the assessment. 

We propose signage designating this as a covid-19 cycle route, asking drivers to ‘slow’ and ‘give cyclists space’. The sign prompts drivers to consider cyclists, to slow down and give them space.

Covid 19 cycleway sign

By designating this route a covid-19 rural cycleway and providing eye-catching, informative signage, we expect drivers to slow down, to expect to see cyclists, give them room, and respect cycling as an important mode of transport in light of the pandemic and associated travel issues.

The project will create a safer cycling environment for commuting and leisure.

The cost of this project is £3025.