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Eastfield Drive, Penicuik to City of Edinburgh link improvement

This proposal was not approved for funding.

The project aims to quickly improve the cycling connection between Eastfield Drive, Penicuik to the City of Edinburgh boundary. 

Currently the A701 has 1.5 metre cycle lanes from Eastfield Farm Road, Penicuik to Straiton with some gaps. 

We suggest widening the continuous cycle lanes to 2 metres from Eastfield Drive, and including an existing re-design of the A701/Queensway junction. This incorporates cycle lanes and advance stop-lines. Our temporary solution would be to paint 2 metre cycle lanes and reduce the speed limit to 40mph on this 6.7km long section. Road markings and signs (Cycle lanes, logos, 40mph roundels) will be used, and the junction upgrade at A701/Queensway junction will be implemented.

We aim to improve the Eastfield Drive to City of Edinburgh link, to provide safer routes for essential workers.

This project will support cyclists from Penicuik, Roslin, Auchendinny, Bilston and Loanhead. 

The cost of this project is £9,416.