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Eastfield Industrial Estate to Beeslack High School link development

This project aims to connect Eastfield Industrial Estate and Beeslack High School via Beeslack Woods. This is currently an unsurfaced pedestrian only path. The identified solution would be the widening and re-surfacing of the existing path. 

This would:

  • increase connectivity within Penicuik for the general public
  • provide another route to students to get to school in safe socially distant way.

We propose:

  • to widen the currently unsurfaced path to 2 metres 
  • trim back the trees to create a safe direct link between Eastfield Industrial Estates and Beeslack High School. 
  • to upgrade the steps.

This would provide space for social distancing and for recreational walking and cycling for the communities in Penicuik. This route would also reduce pressure on the 2 metre wide footpaths by the A701 by creating a new path to the school. Therefore we expect the route would be used by primarily by students.

No design is required, as the existing path will be regraded and widened using stone, and steps will be improved. The work will begin once the Woodland Trust have agreed to the work. We have a good relationship with the Woodland Trust, with a surfaced path connecting Beeslack High school to NCR196 already completed through Woodland Trust land.

The cost of this project is £46,777.50.