Spaces for People

Easthouses Road and Lauder Road improvement

This proposal was not approved for funding.

We aim to improve the connection between the cycleways on Easthouses Road and along Cowden Road. Currently there is only on-road cycling along Easthouses Road and the A6106, and the shared path terminates so pedestrians/cyclists must cross Easthouses Road. The creation of cycle lanes would improve active travel connectivity in Dalkeith.

We propose painting 1.5 metre cycle lanes on a 3.1 km long section along B6482 Easthouses Road and A6106 Lauder Road. Road markings and signs (cycle lanes and logos) will be used.

This project will provide safer routes for essential workers. It will benefit commuters and leisure cyclists in and around Dalkeith, Mayfield and Newtongrange. 

The cost of this project is £2,563.