Commercial and industrial property for sale or lease

Looking for commercial property?

Industrial and commercial estates in Midlothian

Business locations in Midlothian has a map of commercial and industrial estates.

You can create your own individual search for premises/land in Midlothian on these independent sites:

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Search tips

The search results from the above websites will show a list of owned land/premises currently on the market. This is limited to agents and local authorities who have signed up to a certain level of service.

Details include a description of the property or land:

  • address
  • property type and tenure
  • size
  • rent or price where quoted
  • information about the agent or organisation marketing the property or land and their contact details.

More information

For more information on the council's available land or commercial property for sale/lease, contact the Estates Section. The Estates Section deal with various property related issues including:

  • Development projects
  • Acquisitions
  • Disposals
  • Asset valuations
  • Property management of the Council's non-operational properties
  • Property information providing ownership information
  • Property security/void monitoring

If you cannot find suitable premises using the above links, please contact Economic Development staff.