Council Tax discounts

Single person

If you are the only adult living in a property you can get a 25% discount. 

You must tell us of any change of circumstances that affects your entitlement. If you don't, you may be required to pay a penalty.

Apply for Council Tax single person discount

Or download and print an application for single person discount (PDF)

When working out how many people live in a property, some people are not counted. These are called disregarded people.

If any of the following people live in your home, they may be disregarded and you may get a 25% discount. Follow the link that applies to download a Confirmation of Status form :

Changes to empty property discount

A discount of 10% currently applies to empty properties and 2nd homes. The exceptions are purpose built holiday homes and job related properties, where a 50% discount applies.

A 50% discount applies for a maximum of 6 months to empty and unfurnished properties. (This applies from the date the maximum period of 6 months exemption ends.)

There is a levy of up to 100% on long term empty properties. An increase in Council Tax liability can only be applied to a property:

  • which has been unoccupied for a continuous period of more than twelve months
  • and is not actively being marketed for sale or let.

If, however, an unoccupied property is being actively marketed for sale or let, an increase in Council Tax liability of 100% can only be applied when the property has been unoccupied for two years or more.

Remember: If you are granted a discount, and the circumstances that led to that discount change, you must tell us.