Council performance information

Corporate Services


The Corporate Service indicators report on the corporate and democratic core and corporate management activities undertaken to direct, deliver, manage and support essential services across the Council. 

The support services delivered under this heading include finance, HR, property management/office accommodation and other corporate services.

These services support other partners and services to deliver, the outcomes and targets for Midlothian set out in the Single Midlothian Plan. 


Indicator Result
Proportion of operational buildings that are suitable for their current use 88.69%
Proportion of internal floor area of operational buildings in satisfactory condition 75.94%
Central Support services as a % of Total Gross expenditure 5.26%
Corporate and democratic core costs per 1,000 population £42,036
The Percentage of council employees in top 5% of earners that are women 47.7%
Cost of collecting council tax per dwelling £10.65
The average time (hours) between time of domestic Noise complaint and attendance on site, for those requiring attendance on site 0.65 hours
Sickness Absence Days per Teacher (CUMULATIVE) 5.5 days
Sickness Absence Days per Employee (non-teacher) (CUMULATIVE) 10.11 days
Percentage of income due from council tax received by the end of the year 93.8%
Percentage of invoices sampled and paid within 30 days 93%