Making a Difference

Investing in our communities

Over the three years from 2016/17 to 2018/19, the council has invested:

  • £37.9 million in secondary schools
  • £38 million in primary/ nursery/ early years schools
  • £51.2 million in housing (new-build social housing, kitchen Replacements, central heating, aids and adaptations)
  • £3.1 million in care homes, with a further £0.3 million budgeted in the council’s General Services Capital Plan
  • 1,020 new council homes have been delivered in Midlothian since the council embarked on its new build housing programme in 2006
  • 2,488 new homes and subsidised housing options have been provided by the council, Registered Social Landlords and the Scottish Government since 2006
  • Midlothian is one of only three councils to have increased their stock over the last 10 years

Investing in our young people

Overall, outcomes for children and young people in Midlothian are improving year-on-year against national measures. However, the council recognises that, at the secondary school stage, more work is need to increase attendance, reduce exclusion and improve certain aspects of attainment.

Children Services has improved outcomes for children, young people and their families with a focus on timely decisions on reaching permanent arrangements for looked after and accommodated children, as well as for the planned return of young people placed out with Midlothian and targeted support for those at high risk.

Investing in future growth

Midlothian Council is one of the partners in the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal. The overall deal is worth £1.3 billion for the City Deal Region over the next 15 years. Midlothian can expect to benefit from City Region Deal investment through its integrated regional skills programme. Potentially, it will also benefit from investment in new secondary school ‘centres of excellence’, similar to the digital centre of excellence recently provided at the new Newbattle High School. A centre of excellence for creative industries is also planned at Shawfair High School, part of the planned new town at Shawfair.

Partnership working

Midlothian Council has demonstrated a strong commitment to partnership working. This includes:

  • Community Planning with the voluntary, charitable and business sectors, as well as other public bodies
  • Public Protection, as part of a partnership with East Lothian Council
  • In Education, including Lifelong Learning and Employability Service links with partners, volunteers, colleges and universities
  • The integration of Health and Social Care services and the creation of the Midlothian Integrated Joint Board