Planning for Change - reshaping council services in Midlothian

How we're planning for change

With much less money to spend at a time of growing demand, the council is planning for major change. This will include bringing forward a medium-term financial strategy by the summer of 2019, setting out planned and balanced budgets covering the next three years up to 2022/23. By law, the council must balance its budget. To do this, we are planning to deliver services in different ways.

The changes we’re planning

Some services will be delivered in partnership with others or shared with neighbouring councils

  • We already share some services with neighbouring councils but we plan to do more to help cut costs in future years.

More and more services will be delivered using automated systems and digital technologies

  • We are already working with a neighbouring council on the automation of back office administrative tasks and processes. More services will also be made available online.

Our council structures will be redesigned to streamline service delivery and cut management costs

  • We’ve already done a lot to reduce management costs but we’re doing more to make sure our services are delivered in the most cost-effective way possible.

We will work with community groups and volunteers to help keep some local services running

  • Further support from volunteers may be the only way to keep some local services and facilities running in future.

We will carry out commercial activities that make money

  • By providing some of our services to others for a fee, we can reinvest the profits into these and other services.

Our priorities

We believe that Midlothian is ‘a great place to grow.’ The council and its partners have agreed that this is our overarching vision for Midlothian. It is the key message in the Single Midlothian Plan, with its focus on:

  • reducing the gap in learning outcomes
  • reducing the gap in health outcomes, and
  • reducing the gap in economic circumstances.

The Single Midlothian Plan says what the council and its partners are committed to but its success relies on you - our citizens, communities and businesses - playing your part. The council needs to make some tough choices in these difficult times. We want you to have your say.

Reshaping services

Planning for change is about reshaping local services in Midlothian to meet local needs. It’s about recognising that we will no longer have the money to do all the things we did in the past. We want to focus on the things that meet our priorities and continue to do these well.  At the same time, we will inevitably have to stop or reduce other services if we are to make the savings now needed. There will also be a greater focus on communities doing more, and on the council working in partnership with others.

Our Medium-Term Financial Strategy will be put to a meeting of the full Council before the summer of 2019.  This is a key planning document, setting out how Midlothian Council can balance its budget for the next three years up until 2022/23. As the strategy develops, we will provide more details of the changes we might have to make to achieve our savings targets.

We want you to have your say.

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