Planning for Change - reshaping council services in Midlothian

How to get involved

We're encouraging everyone to have their say.  We've spoken to community councils and other local groups, our partners, residents, service users, our employees and trades unions, to let them know why we are having to change, and to get their views on our plans for change.

What we’ve been asking

What are the priorities for your community?

  • We know from recent consultations that education is the top priority for most local people. Services for older and vulnerable people are also viewed as very important, followed by road improvements.

Which services would you want community groups and volunteers to help deliver? Would you want to get involved?

  • In future, the council won’t have the money to run all the services and local facilities that we currently have. If local people want to keep these going, the council might be able to provide support and training to get them started.

What services can the council stop providing to save money?

  • The council will have to look at every service that it is not legally obliged to provide to see what it can stop doing to save money.  Even some statutory services will be reduced, closer to the legal minimum.

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