Special diets or allergies

Please let your school know if your child has an allergy or a special diet.

If you feel it would help, you can meet your nursery or school’s catering provider to discuss meal choices and modifications. Please contact your school or nursery if you would like to arrange this. Please note our focus is on meeting pupils' needs in terms of the 14 main allergens outlined below and ethnic/religious requirements. If your child follows a medically-prescribed diet then the school or nursery's catering team need this information from your doctor or another medical provider.  

There are no nuts, peanuts, lupin or sesame seeds in any meals from our primary school kitchens. However, some snacks in our nursery schools may contain nuts, peanuts, lupin or sesame seeds. Please contact your child's nursery school to discuss further. 

Allergens listed below may be in some meals. Find out which dishes on our menus contain them:

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