Glencorse Primary School: consultation

Financial implications

This information gives details on the estimated cost of operating Glencorse Primary School for the financial year 2020/21.

Column 2 of Table 1 at Appendix 3 shows the projected annual running costs of Glencorse Primary School whilst Column 3 shows the additional impact on Mauricewood and Roslin Primary Schools as the receiving school. The annual recurring savings (or costs) are shown in Column 4.

The main elements included within a school budget are teacher employment costs (i.e. basic salary costs plus related employer’s National Insurance and Superannuation contributions plus any relevant individual allowances); Local Government employee costs and an allocation for discretionary expenditure incurred by the school (i.e. educational equipment, materials, staff travel, etc.). Teacher staffing budgets are calculated on an annual basis and within the primary sector are determined, taking cognisance of the SNCT class size maxima, by the number of classes required to provide for the specific number and age of the pupils in each school. When a school ceases to be operational the teacher staffing budget is adjusted (at the appropriate time), with the staffing budget resulting in a nil value.

In line with the national priority of maintaining teacher numbers, the Education Service operates on the basis that supernumerary teachers are redeployed and therefore their salary costs still exist. As Midlothian’s population is increasing the authority employs additional teachers year on year and it is anticipated that any supernumerary teachers from Glencorse Primary School can be redeployed and reduce the required number of additional teachers. Some of the costs noted in column 3 of Table 1 will not directly impact on Mauricewood or Roslin Primary Schools but they will be a cost to the Authority as a whole, for example school transport costs.

There are currently no annual transport costs for pupils to attend Glencorse Primary School. Transport cost per year for pupils from the Glencorse catchment to attend Mauricewood or Roslin Primary School, based on using a minibus, is estimated at £120 per day or £22,800 for a school year.

Table 2 shows the average annual lifecycle cost of £3,672 that would arise based on the Gross Internal Floor Area of Glencorse Primary School, irrespective of the number of pupils accommodated. Lifecycle costs are representative of the cost needed to keep the building in a good state of repair. The notional cost over the next thirty years therefore to maintain Glencorse Primary School is £110,160.

The transfer of pupils from Glencorse to Mauricewood or Roslin Primary School would impact on the council’s Grant Aided Expenditure (GAE) allocation for Glencorse Primary School Teaching Staff as there would be a reduction in the Percentage of Primary Pupils in Small Schools. This reduction is estimated at £11,000. However, Midlothian contributes to the GAE floor mechanism thus will not see a reduction in overall Scottish Government Grant.

Revenue Budget Implications

Should this proposal be implemented there is an estimated annual revenue budget saving of £187,268.

Capital Budget Implications

There are no capital budget implications directly associated with this proposal. Housing developments across Midlothian make a contribution to the cost of providing consequential educational capacity. This applies equally across the Glencorse catchment and contributions received will be applied against the cost of the additional capacity that will be provided to serve the area.

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