Glencorse Primary School: consultation

Financial analysis

Current revenue costs for school proposed for closure
School costs Costs for full financial year (projected annual costs) Additional financial impact on Mauricewood/ Roslin Primary School Annual recurring savings (column 2 minus column 3)
teaching staff 110,113   110,113
support staff 56,931   56,931
teaching staff training (CPD etc) 205   205
Building costs:      
non domestic rates 4,880   4,880
water & sewerage charges 2,799   2,799
energy costs 9,655   9,655
cleaning (contract or inhouse) 8,856   8,856
building repair & maintenance 6,444   6,444
other - refuse collection 1,678   1,678
School operational costs:      
learning materials 2,775 188 2,587
catering (contract or inhouse) 5,753   5,753
other school operational costs (e.g. licences) 167   167
Transport costs:      
home to school   22,800 -22,800
Total costs for school 210,256 22,988 187,268

Unit Cost per pupil per year: £23,362

Capital life cycle costs
Glencorse Primary School Average annual cost
Capital Life Cycle cost - note 7 3,672
Annual property costs to be incurred until disposal 
Type Cost (£)
non domestic rates 4,880
water and sewerage charges 2,799
energy costs 9,655
cleaning (contract or inhouse) 8,856
building repair and maintenance 6,444
other 1,678
Total Annual Cost until Disposal 34,312
Impact on Grant Aided Expenditure (GAE) Allocation

The Primary Indicator determining the GAE allocation for Primary School Teaching Staff is based on the number of primary school pupils with the Secondary indicator being the percentage of pupils in small schools (roll less than 70 pupils averaged over 2 years).  The pupils from Glencorse PS are designated to attend a school which has a roll over 70 pupils.  This will result in a reduction in the small school GAE for those Glencorse pupils equating to approximately £11,000.

However Midlothian Council contributes to the GAE floor mechanism thus will not see a reduction in overall Scottish Government Grant - GAE Impact. Nil

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