Glencorse Primary School: consultation

Consideration of alternative options and other implications

The Council’s Learning Estate Strategy 2017 – 2047 cautions against the building of smaller primary schools, with capacity for up to 210 pupils, and prefers a model with larger primary schools which are more sustainable, particularly in non-rural areas.  It is therefore considered preferable to progress a solution for the Glencorse Primary School community aligned with the Council’s preference for larger primary schools.

The Council is looking at a number of alternative options for the future provision of primary schooling for the Glencorse catchment, these include

  • Rezoning Glencorse to Mauricewood Primary School and further extending that school building;
  • Rezoning Glencorse to Roslin Primary School and extending that school building;
  • Adding primary stages of education to Beeslack High School and incorporating this into the planned project to replace that school building.

All these options would lead to the closure of Glencorse Primary School.

Pre-consultation meetings were held with staff and parents in January 2020. In June 2020 officers of the council held a virtual parental engagement meeting and subsequently wrote to parents offering them the option to mothball the school from October 2020 or June 2021 to allow time to develop and agree on the optimal solution for primary school provision for the Glencorse catchment and to defer undertaking statutory consultation on closure of the school. None of parents of the 7 children currently attending the school agreed to the proposal to mothball the school.

Consequently on 25 August 2020 at full Council the Executive Director Children, Young People & Partnerships was authorised to undertake statutory consultation on the proposal to permanently discontinue primary education at Glencorse Primary School and to extend the catchment areas of the neighbouring primary schools to include the Glencorse catchment area.

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