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Older People 2022-25

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You can read data about services for Older People in Midlothian here.


Prevention & Early Intervention

  • Improve accessible information so that people know what is going on in their community and what services can help them
  • Create opportunities for older people to connect to others and contribute to their community
  • Provide support that promotes being active, independent, confident and financially secure
  • Support people to make plans for their future health and wellbeing
  • Build stronger collaboration with older people, the voluntary sector and other partners to improve outcomes for older people


Support & Treatment

  • Provide services that are accessible, available, appropriate and of high quality across Midlothian.
  • Improve awareness and fulfilment of human rights for older citizens.
  • Provide services that connect well with each other and work holistically to support people. 
  • Develop appropriate day support for all older people to reduce isolation and increase social connection
  • Design services and systems so that people have more control over decisions that affect them.
  • Support more people with rehabilitation and recovery at home or close to home 
  • Improve physical, digital and personnel infrastructure


Crisis & Emergencies

  • Increase likelihood that emergency care is person-centred through increased use of emergency plans and supported decision making.