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Learning Disability & Autism 2022-25

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You can read data on Learning Disability services in Midlothian here.


Prevention & Early Intervention

  • Empower people with learning disabilities and Autism to recognise and realise their human rights and to participate in community life free from fear, harassment and abuse
  • Support the wellbeing of people with Learning Disabilities and Autism throughout their life
  • Improve the Experience of Transition from School to Adult Life and Create appropriate developmental opportunities in Adult Life.


Support & Treatment

  • Develop a greater range of Housing Options
  • Increase the availability of Flexible and Person Centred Day Opportunities to support greater choice including the development of appropriate community opportunities and services for people with complex needs
  • Review Transport to ensure more flexible and tailored provision
  • Develop Robust Community Services for People with Complex Needs
  • Develop a Broader Range of Respite and Breaks Support
  • Improve information on Advice, Support and Services

Crisis & Emergency

  • Support disabled to participate in community life, free from fear of harassment and abuse.
  • Support People with Complex Care Needs in Crisis