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Public Protection & Community Justice 2022-25

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You can read data on Community Justice services in Midlothian here


Prevention & Early Intervention

Public Protection:

  • Improve risk management of Adult Support and Protection practice in care homes
  • Improve staff knowledge about Adult Support and Protection and improve transfer of learning into practice
  • Support staff to manage cases that do not meet Adult Support and Protection criteria
  • Improve staff knowledge about Violence Against Women and Girls and improve transfer of learning into practice
  • Strengthen Midlothian’s commitment to embed the Equally Safe priorities to prevent and tackle violence against women and girls

Community Justice:

  • Improve understanding of Community Justice.
  • Plan and deliver services in a strategic and collaborative way
  • Prevent and reduce the risk of further offending.

Support & Treatment

Public Protection:

  • Support the HSCP to fulfil their statutory duties to report concerns about harm and co-operate with Adult Support and Protection investigations
  • Improve supports for survivors and interventions for perpetrators of gender based violence

Community Justice:

  • Improve relationships and opportunities to enable participation in education, employment and leisure.
  • Improve resilience and capacity for change and self-management.
  • Improve life chances through addressing needs, including; health; financial inclusion; housing and safety.

Crisis & Emergency

Community Justice:

Improve access to the services people require, including welfare, health and wellbeing, housing and employability