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Unpaid Carers 2022-25

Elderly man with carer

You can read data about services for Unpaid Carers in Midlothian here

Read our Carers' Strategy for 2022-25 and the Integrated Impact Assessment we carried out for the strategy (PDF)


Prevention & Early Intervention

  • Identify more carers
  • Increase numbers of carers with future plans
  • Improve carer involvement in service design and delivery

Support & Treatment

  • Improve access to Support, Information and Advice
  • Improve Carer Health & Wellbeing including Breaks from Caring
  • Improve Carer’s Financial Support and Economic Wellbeing

Crisis & Emergency

  • Planning Ahead: Support carers to have discussions and make plans to support the health and wellbeing of themselves and the people they care for in the event of a crisis or emergency.