Schools' catchments agreed

At a full council meeting on Tuesday, councillors approved the changes.

The cabinet member for education, Councillor Bob Constable said: “ Thank you to all the people who gave us their views on the proposed changes. We listened to what local people had to say and have taken their views on board.

“For example, we want to reassure all pupils already attending a school whose house is moving from one catchment to another that they will be able to remain at their current school.”

The proposals will mean:

 All housing in Bilston will move from the catchment of Roslin Primary School to form the catchment area of the new school when it opens in August 2016.

 The residential areas at Damhead, Lothianburn, Nivensknowe Park, Pentland Park, Straiton Park and recently built houses at Corby Craig will also transfer from the catchment of Loanhead Primary School into the catchment of the new Bilston Primary School when it opens.

 The residential areas in the vicinity of Mayshade Road and Park Avenue and housing development site h54 ‘Ashgrove’ will transfer from the catchment of Loanhead Primary School to the catchment of Paradykes Primary School when the replacement for Paradykes Primary School opens, expected to be August 2017.

At the same time, the school will move from the current site to George Avenue in Loanhead.

School travel plans will be reviewed and revised where appropriate.

Transition arrangements will also be put in place to minimise any adverse effects of the changes. For example, the council will continue to prioritise the granting of placing requests for siblings of children already at a school.

The consultation began on Monday 14 September and ran until Tuesday 3 November.


9 Feb 2016